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Update on IDE Extensions

· 3 min read

From the very beginning, NUKE has been thoughtfully designed for seamless integration with existing tools, including popular development environments such as Visual Studio, JetBrains Rider, Visual Studio Code, and ReSharper. The extensions we've developed for these environments have always been considered the icing on the cake. Even in cases where an extension is temporarily incompatible or unavailable, it doesn't mean you can't run or debug your builds; it simply needs a few extra keystrokes, which we find quite manageable given the substantial benefits NUKE provides. Implementing extensions and keeping them up-to-date, however, is much more complex. In this blog post, we'll address a couple of changes that should make this venture more worthwhile.

Remote Debugging CI/CD Pipelines

· 5 min read

One of the key features of NUKE is that you can run and debug builds locally as opposed to repeatedly triggering CI/CD pipeline with a lot of logging all over the place. Based on broad feedback, this solves more than 90% of the cases where YAML and other schemas are difficult to troubleshoot. While the vast majority of developers has yet to experience this advantage, we will try to go a step further.

Introducing the New Website

· 3 min read

About 8 months ago, we started working on our new website. It goes without saying that this was a long-time overdue! How could you get the most out of all the cool features, if they aren't properly documented? 🤔 Today, I'm very excited to finally raise the curtains and tell you more about the results.