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Converting from Cake

Over the years, the .NET community has come up with a lot of great build automation tools, including FAKE, Cake, FlubuCore, and BullsEye. When coming from Cake Scripting, the time for converting build scripts can be greatly reduced with a best-effort approach using Roslyn and its syntax transformation capabilities.


The resulting source code is expected to contain compilation errors since there is no direct API mapping between Cake and NUKE. Most notably, the order of IsDependentOn on a single target in Cake reflects the order of execution of these dependencies, whereas in NUKE the dependencies are solely defined between the individual targets.


You can start the conversion by calling:

nuke :cake-convert

The global tool searches for all *.cake and converts them to *.cs files. During this process it transforms:

  • Target definitions
  • Default targets
  • Parameter declarations
  • Path usages
  • Globbing patterns
  • Tool invocations

Additionally – if you choose to create a build project file – it will collect NuGet packages from #addin and #tool directives, and add them as PackageReference and PackageDownload respectively.


After you've fully verified the conversion, you can clear all *.cake files by calling:

nuke :cake-clean