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Over time, you might accumulate more and more projects that are built using NUKE. Some of these might even form a hierarchical structure, where one root directory contains several other root directories, and so on.


Add the following functions to your shell configuration (similar as for shell completion):

function nuke/ { nuke :PushWithChosenRootDirectory; cd $(nuke :GetNextDirectory) }
function nuke. { nuke :PushWithCurrentRootDirectory; cd $(nuke :GetNextDirectory) }
function nuke.. { nuke :PushWithParentRootDirectory; cd $(nuke :GetNextDirectory) }
function nuke- { nuke :PopDirectory; cd $(nuke :GetNextDirectory) }


The global tool comes with a handful of functions for improved navigation:

nuke.Navigates to the current root directory
nuke..Navigates to the parent root directory
nuke/Lists subdirectories that are root directories
nuke-Navigates to the last root directory

The nuke- command is only supported on shells that set the TERM_SESSION_ID or WT_SESSION environment variable. As of now, this includes iTerm and the Windows Terminal.